Hey! Embolden.co is no longer an active blog, you can learn more about me and what I’m working on over at CoreyFerreira.com.

I appreciate all the support, comments, and feedback over the years, and I’m really glad this blog has helped a lot of people and entrepreneurs. I thought this would be a good place to share some of my favorite and most useful tools and resources that have helped me build and grow my businesses.

Business Tools:

Shopify – Start and grow an online store. The most complete package when it comes to creating a website, tracking sales and analytics, accepting various forms of payment, and many useful integrations to other tools.

MailChimp – Start and build your store’s or business’ email list for free up until you reach over 1,000 emails. This is a great way to dip your toe into email marketing.

Wave Accounting – Free accounting and bookkeeping tool that I’ve used for all my businesses and projects. Also useful for invoicing clients and accepting payment.

Linkiro – Link shorteners unlike the countless other link shorteners out there. You can add a call-to-action to any link you share, track link analytics, and shorten links for social media.

Productivity Tools:

Declutter The Mind – Free guided mindfulness meditation. There’s a lot of guided meditation apps and products out there, but you don’t need to pay for high quality and helpful guided meditation.

Trello – To this day, Trello is the center of my life, projects, work, and productivity. It’s where I organize the next project I’m working on. It’s where I plan my day and set goals for the year. It’s where I organize all my thoughts. Trello has truly changed my life and made me a much more focused and productive person.

Flux – When I’m working late, Flux changes the color of my monitor and filters out the harmful and irritating blue light coming off my screen. As someone with eye problems, this has been a life saver.

Boomerang – I don’t use Gmail as much as I used to, but to keep my emails organized and my inbox at zero, Boomerang is an extension that allows me to temporarily delete emails in my inbox until I’m ready to respond to them or until I actually need them.

Freedom – I’m just as susceptible as anyone else to the temptations of procrastination. Freedom blocks the apps and websites of my laptop and phone during set times, to ensure specific blocks of time during the day are set for focused work.


Shopify Academy – Free growing library of on-demand business courses taught by expert instructors (including yours truly!). I’m really proud of Academy and I’m excited to watch it grow and help create more entrepreneurs and help more entrepreneurs be successful.

Great Courses Plus – I love learning about ancient history and philosophy but I don’t want to sit in a classroom to learn about these things. Great Courses Plus offers high quality instruction and courses for many interesting topics. It feels like university, only less tedious.

Audible – Audiobooks are my go to when I’m doing menial/repetitive tasks, going for a walk, working out at the gym, and doing chores around the home.