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Receive a New Growth Hacking Tip Every Day on Your Phone

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Receive a New Growth Hacking Tip Every Day on Your Phone

One of the most important things that has helped me find success in online business, has been staying accountable to myself and constantly motivated.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs do this by seeking a mentor or business coach.

I owe a lot of what I do to seeking the help of business coaches and mentors. Not all of us have access to people like this in our circle.

Entrepreneurship can also be very lonely. I remember when I used to freelance full-time from home, I felt like I was going crazy.

I was active on websites like Reddit just to talk to other entrepreneurs who could relate to me.

Today, I’m launching the beta of a helpful new tool for entrepreneurs, founders and business owners.

It’s called Seth and all this inspired me to create Seth.

Seth will text you everyday with a new growth hacking idea, actionable tip for your business, or just something motivational.


Seth also allows you to set and track goals via SMS. Just tell Seth what you’d like to accomplish over the next 7 days and he will remind you via SMS and keep you on track.


It’s free to signup and try. I’d like to invite you to help me test this new tool I put together, provide me some feedback, and hopefully have it help you grow your business!

Sign up for free and get a text everyday from your personal SMS business coach:

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  • Syed Muhammad Sawaid

    How you get this idea?

    Do you copy it from others?

    What type of software you use on hiseth site?

    • I was inspired to create this after using Kit, which is a virtual assistant bot. I thought a bot for entrepreneurs with tips was a good idea.

      I built Seth with Twilio and Zapier.

      • Syed Muhammad Sawaid

        Would you make a tutorial on how to make software like hiseth. Please

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