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You Don’t Need Marketing Information, You Need Marketing Implementation

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You Don't Need Marketing Information, You Need Marketing Implementation

This is a public service announcement: you don’t need marketing information, you need marketing implementation

I think one of the common problems a lot of entrepreneurs and new marketers run into (without even ever realizing it is a problem) is over-information.

Listening to podcast episode after podcast episode, reading blog post after blog post, watching YouTube video after YouTube video, all in the name of improving marketing knowledge and learning about more and new marketing strategies and concepts.

It’s great to be an active learner and always working to self-improvement as a marketer and improving your marketing strategy and funnel but at the same time, are you implementing what you are learning? Are you executing?

What does your information to implementation ratio look like?

Is it 50/50? 70/30? 80/20? … 90/10?

I’ve been guilty of this myself and sometimes it’s something I still struggle with.

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Over-information is a classic symptom of procrastination. Worse, over-information is a classic symptom of a wantrepreneur.

It’s really fun to learn about new concepts and new marketing ideas. It’s very painful to try them all, fail, experiment, improve and track these concepts and ideas. It’s why a lot of people become jaded or even fail.

They put most of their energy into learning and consuming information than they do implementing.

How do we fix this?

Is it as simple as me telling you “stop learning and start doing?”.

Not really. Part of the reason why implementation is so important is because you will learn more. Plus, it’s very easy to tell people to do something without anything actionable that they can do.

So, what I will first suggest is lower your information consumption. Read less, listen to less podcasts and spend less time consuming marketing information.

Go through your Feedly and only follow your favorite 3 marketing blogs instead of 20 of them. Go through all your podcast subscriptions and only follow your favorite 2. Start weening yourself off of your habit of over-information or mass consumption of information. Most of it overlaps, most of it doesn’t apply to you or your business and most of it you probably haven’t been implementing anyway.

During the time where you are usually consuming marketing information, use that time to start implementing what you already know and trying things you haven’t yet tried.

Every time you consume a new piece of marketing content, instead of moving on to the next piece or article, apply what you just learned first. Have the discipline to do the things you are reading about. Even if they are really minor changes or you think they don’t apply now, do them anyway.

So I challenge you: if you’ve learned anything from any of my blog posts or videos and applied them, tell me. If you haven’t yet, go and apply or do what I talk about the next time you read one of my blog posts, or anyone’s blog posts.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve applied anything that I’ve taught you. If you have proof, supply it and I will have a surprise for you. If you haven’t yet, go out there and do something I teach, apply it, come back with proof and I’ll surprise you as well.

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  • Emma Rezonates

    Hands down best blog I’ve read yet 🙂 information is overwhelming & distracting! Time to implement!

  • Rebecca Woods

    I definitely have this problem. Great video!

  • You have identified the one factor that keeps people in ‘preparation mode’, when you are taking in all of this glossily presented information you feel a part of the marketing industry, it feels like you are moving forward. When you combine this with the constant purchasing of the latest ‘Facebook Ads Training’ or the next miracle WordPress plugin you have the recipe for the procrastination syndrome, but people feel like they are working! We could all start right away with one quarter of what we have on our hard drives – there is private label rights ebooks, software, articles, cheat sheets, web pages…I bet most people reading this post have all of those items! Yes, action and creation are the only way to build a business.

    • Great wisdom, Michael. Not only does this learning make you feel like you’re progressing (when you’re not really), it’s also a case of analysis by paralysis.

      I definitely have all those things lying around on my hard drive, too.

  • yes, I also have this issue…
    Lets do it as Goethe, Bruce Lee and Corey Ferreira say: ” Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
    yes, doing is the best way of learning anyway

  • Hi, Corey, I’ve definitely got this problem 🙂 I usually save posts to my Evernote and my To Do folder is overflowing. More goes in than gets actioned…

    • You should see my Read Later list, it’s huge!!!! Speaking of which, thanks for reminding me… time to clear it out.

  • Vladislav Li

    Read your 101 tools. Registered to half of the services/applications. )) Most used so far is Trello and Coogle. Start using right away, helps with setting the roadmap of actions and further planning.

  • Great post Corey.
    I too have been guilty of this over the years.

    I call it “Being a professional student”. Where you always think you need to know more.
    But as proven true so many times by plenty of people, Knowledge gained without action is worthless.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ps, the blog design looks great. Simple, Clean and nice colors.

    • Thanks for all the feedback and love Jamie. I appreciate you!

  • SamalyCruz

    Amazing Post!

    I think that we’ve all have done this before. Sometimes, you just try and try to swallow as much information and tips for everyone that you really forget to implement, and execute and more importantly measure the results.


  • Ian

    You have been an inspiring catalyst to me. Yes- ANALYSIS PARALYSIS is a common behaviour pattern and is difficult to avoid when access to so much data is virtually free. Keep up the good work.!!

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