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Leadpages vs Optimizepress: Which Should You Use? A Comparison and Review

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Leadpages vs Optimizepress: Comparison and Review

If you’re looking for a tool to build you beautiful landing pages that can sell a product or help you build your list, look no further. In this blog post, I want to compare two products that are very similar, that I both use and can potentially help grow your business.

Leadpages and Optimizepress are both landing page builders with a few separate and unique features. I argue that they both have their uses, and many people would benefit from using both tools.

I understand that most people don’t want to pay for both and also only just want a tool to help them build landing pages, which would make owning both pointless.

So which should you use? Optimizepress or Leadpages? Let me break down each in separate categories. I should also preface that I have no affiliation with either company nor am I being paid to write this. I simply use both and often get asked which I prefer or would recommend.


I’m going to start with pricing since I know that’s often what most people consider or look at first.

Optimizepress, at the lowest price to use with three sites, is $97. Leadpages is $25 a month for the Standard package.



What I like about Optimizepress’ pricing is that you pay once for the software, and it’s yours to use and keep for life. With Leadpages, I feel like I’m renting the software. If I decide to cancel or stop paying, I lose everything.

Optimizepress is the cheaper option in the long run, but it requires more money initially. There’s also an option to pay for Optimizepress yearly for support and updates.


Optimizepress is a WordPress plugin/theme. You can use Optimizepress to build out your entire website, like I did, including your blog. It doesn’t just need to be for landing pages.

op blog

Building your website with Optimizepress also means that you get to take advantage of its features. This includes a membership plugin, which is included for free. I’ve used Optimizepress’ Optimizemember to create membership sites, including for my digital products on Fiverr Success.

Optimizepress includes all the bells and whistles you’d come to expect with a landing page builder, too. It integrates with most email autoresponder providers, provides options for popup opt-in boxes, and more.

Leadpages, on the other hand, is a little simpler. While you could build out your entire website using Leadpages, the focus of the product is to enable beautiful landing pages to be made quickly and easily.


Leadpages also has Leadboxes, which I use on my site as well. Leadboxes allow you to create links or buttons on your site that when clicked, a popup opt-in form appears. This is great for including content upgrades in your blog posts.

There’re a few other unique features to Leadpages, too. LeadDigits lets you have users text you to opt-into your email list. There’s even a lead magnet delivery option in Leadpages that will automatically email subscribers your lead magnet after they opt-in.


I’ve also found Leadpages’ marketplace to have much better looking themes, along with more variety. There’re some nice themes being developed for Optimizepress, but the Leadpages themes simply look nicer overall, and cover more niche landing pages, such as for webinars, thank you pages, and funnels.


Optimizepress is the much more flexible option hands-down.


Since Optimizepress is a WordPress theme and plugin, there’s more flexibility in that you can customize and hack it to look and function in any way you want. Your landing pages can look virtually any way you want while retaining the Optimizepress functionality.


Leadpages is a little bit more restrictive. The landing page templates you get are limiting and don’t allow much customization compared to Optimizepress.

Learning Curve (Ease of use)

Leadpages might be the easier of the two. If you’re just looking to get a quick, done-for-you landing page up, and start collecting emails, you’ll likely have an easier time on Leadpages.

Since Optimizepress allows more freedom and flexibility, there’s more time upfront in setting it up, and it does take longer to learn the software. It’s not hard to learn, it’s just a drag and drop builder like Leadpages, but since the builder is in WordPress, it’s not as user-friendly.

Leadpages will be the easier of the two to use and learn.


I find both products offer excellent technical support. There’s a nice community around Optimizepress, and you’ll always find passionate people offering help and advice to customize the product.

Leadpages seems to have a larger presence in the industry, and they appear to have the more professional customer support team.

Still, I haven’t run into trouble with either.


I use both and would recommend both. They each have their place in the marketer’s toolkit.

However, if you had to choose one, I would suggest Optimizepress.

You can build your entire business and website on Optimizepress, and you’re not renting the software. Plus, in the long-term, there’s more flexibility. Optimizepress can grow and change with you and your website.

However, if you’re a complete newbie, have never built a landing page before and are unsure what you’re doing, try Leadpages for a month. It’ll cost you $25; you can try it, play with it, and then cancel if you’re unsatisfied. It’s easier and quicker to get started, and it’ll cost you a lot less initially.

Again, I use both, and I’m pleased with both. Which you use ultimately depends on your needs and the needs of your business. If you don’t have a website and are looking for a full-blown system, use Optimizepress. If you already have an established website and just need a few landing pages, try Leadpages.

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  • Shantha Wetterhan

    Thanks for this info!

  • I’m finally at the point where I’m tired of messing with WordPress and want to focus on the content/sales. I have no graphical skills but I was a programmer lol. Sometimes the one time payment for a theme/plugin causes issues though because the theme no longer works with newer versions of WordPress after the support expires, if you don’t pay for the next year so it’s almost the same as a subscription. Right now my mobile menu isn’t working on devices and my sales pages look bad!

    • I agree, I try not to tinker with the look of my websites anymore. It seems more like procrastination.

  • I can tell you which one is the best – neither 🙂 I prefer Thrive Content Builder, cheaper that OP and LP, better, faster and more powerful page builder. LeadPages has more templates, but that’s soon gonna change with Thrive Content Builder too 🙂

    Anyway, just my 2 cents, cheers.

    • I’m looking at Thrive as we speak. Looks pretty cool.

    • I never tried Thrive but I’ve heard good things about it.

      • Joan Bell

        Corey I highly recommend it. I think you’ll be impressed. Shane Melaugh is all about optimization and practical application. And they offer incredible service. Huge fan!

  • Corey, enjoyed the article but felt you misled us all when you wrote ” I should also preface that I have no affiliation with either company nor am I being paid to write this. I simply use both and often get asked which I prefer or would recommend.” Clearly you are using affiliate links to get us to both OP2 and LP. I have no problem with that but don’t tell us you don’t have an affiliation when clearly you do. Putting it in your Full Disclosure link in your footer is nice but doesn’t cut if when you specifically state that you have no affiliation with either

    • Hey Miles, I respectfully disagree. Including referral links to both sites doesn’t imply affiliation. Likewise, if I bought something on Amazon through your referral link, does that imply you are now affiliated with Amazon or the product I bought?

      I don’t have any partnership, business relationship, or know anyone personally at Leadpages or Optimizepress, and I was not asked or paid to make this video.

      Anyone that uses either product can generate a referral link to refer friends. I argue that doesn’t imply affiliation and what I said holds true.

      • That’s why they are called “affiliate” links Corey. Anyway- no worries. I appreciate your reviews of both products and have been enjoying OP2 since release. I really like their Clubhouse offering. Good day.

        • affiliate link =/= affiliation.

          Affiliation means partnership, or relationship. I guess if I said “I am not partnered” you would have been less confused? Affiliate marketing and affiliate links is industry jargon. If everyone that posted affiliate links to my products legally meant they were associated with me, I’d be in trouble! I meant affiliation is its correct context, not as “affiliate marketing”.

          I hope that makes more sense!

  • Both are solid products, but I’d also suggest checking out Instapage. They are doing some amazing stuff, and their drag-and-drop landing page builder is top-notch!

  • ryan nelson

    Does anyone know if OP2, LP or Thrive have the ability to create tables or comparison layouts that can be embedded into email clients like Mailchimp or Aweber?

    • I know OptimizePress does and has an element for that

  • Saul Marquez

    Very helpful, thanks Corey.

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