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How to Gain More Customers and Leads with Amazon Kindle Publishing

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How to Gain More Customers and Leads with Amazon Kindle Publishing

When most people look at Amazon’s ebook publishing platform, they see a way to make money.

However, because Amazon is a search engine, you can leverage the massive amount of traffic it has and get people to your website or business by creating and self-publishing an ebook.

The trick here is that you’re not trying to write a novel or very detailed book in hopes of making a lot of money from it or reaching some sort of bestsellers list. Instead, you want to create a short ebook that your target consumers would find interesting, then direct them to a landing page with a lead magnet to capture their email and build your email list.

This ebook would not be sold for $14. I wouldn’t even expect to make any money from it. Instead, sell the ebook for as little as possible ($0.99), and make it free as often as possible using Kindle’s Select program to get more eyeballs on your ebook and hopefully more people over to your lead magnet’s landing page.

For example, let’s say I’m the owner of an ecommerce website that sells yoga pants and yoga apparel. I want to get yoga enthusiasts on Amazon to go to my website and buy my products. The best way to approach this would be to first look at the type of content my target audience might consume through ebooks on Amazon.

Search for your niche on Amazon to see the books written about your topic.


In my case, this would be a no-brainer. Obviously yoga enthusiasts on Amazon would be searching for yoga books. I would then create a short ebook, no more than 50 pages or so, that shares valuable and helpful information around yoga. In this case, I put together a short ebook that shares a 30-day yoga exercise plan to increase mobility and energy. I might even take content from my blog (if I have one) and repackage it into an ebook.

If you’re having trouble finding topics to write about for your ebook, simply search Amazon and look through the table of contents of ebooks.


Now that you have something ready to publish, it’s important you include a few calls to action within your ebook to send readers to your website, specifically, a lead magnet. It’s really easy to tell people to simply click over to your website, but you’ll find a much better success rate (and more leads) if you offer a “free bonus” for buying your ebook. Something like a free email course, a template, cheatsheet, or checklist are all great things to offer in exchange for a readers email.

I would include an entire page with a call to action to your lead magnet near the beginning of your book and at the end. Again, the purpose of this ebook (besides provide people value) is to drive readers to your website to build your email list, not to make money. You can make money with your ebook, but most of the money will be made on the backend by monetizing your email list.

Another thing worth noting is that many people read ebooks on Kindle devices without internet access. Make the link easy to remember or easy to type. Something like “” is far more effective than “”. Set up a redirect if you must or use and create a custom shortened link for your lead magnet landing page.

Formatting and Submitting Your Ebook

Once your book is written and has a “free bonus” offer with a few calls to action and links within it to an opt-in page, it’s time to publish. Submitting your ebook to Amazon is very straightforward and not really worth walking through here. Simply go to and follow the steps.

I wrote my book using Google Docs and saving the document. The formatting for your books doesn’t need to be fancy. I used Georgia font (easy to read on Kindle devices) at 12pt font size. When you upload your doc to Amazon, it will convert and format the ebook for you. However, if you want a special/professional formatting, use Calibre or head over to Fiverr and pay someone to format your ebook for you.


I also recommend going to Fiverr to get a simple ebook cover made for you. Having a really nice looking cover is really important so don’t be afraid to spend some money here to get a really nice one made. Great covers get people browsing Amazon to click over to your book and sometimes even purchase it.

A long detailed description in your Amazon listing it important as well, don’t neglect this. Here’s where you can really sell your book, display your best reviews, and highlight what you will be teaching/sharing.

Lastly, I recommend setting the price of the ebook to $0.99 and also including the book in Amazon’s Kindle Select program. This tells Amazon you promise not to sell the book anywhere else and in return, you receive some perks such as the ability to have your book free for a limited time.

Promoting Your Ebook

Once your ebook is published and approved by Amazon, it’s time to get people to download your ebook and hopefully click over to your lead magnet and opt-in.

Because you’re a part of Kindle Select, be sure to switch your book to free every 3 months. During this time, you should be promoting your ebook and encouraging people to leave a review. Reviews will help get you more visibility on Amazon as well as more purchases/downloads.

There are many Facebook groups out there that allow authors to promote their Amazon ebooks as well as exchange reviews with other authors.

There are even websites which you can submit your ebook to when it goes free for 5 days. These websites share free book promotions, which can drive thousands of downloads to your ebook. Here’s a comprehensive list of sites and groups.

Another hack is to simply ask the people who opt-into your free bonus to review your ebook. Do this a few days after they opt-in. They’ll be more receptive to it since if they opted-into your email list from your ebook, it’s likely they enjoyed your book and trust you. I would setup an autoresponder 3 days after signup to handle this for me.

Your Turn

Now it’s time for you to take advantage of this massive market and use it as a way to grow your email list. Feeling super lazy? Hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to write the ebook for you. Get someone to put together a short 10,000 word ebook and follow the above outlined strategy.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I engage and respond with everyone.

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  • This is genius as usual Corey. You have lots of great helpful content. I’m using some of the tools you suggested for opt-in popups, hello bar, coschedule, etc.

  • Hey Corey,

    Awesome Lead Generation Strategy. I never thought of doing this.

    I am working on my first product. We will be launching it pretty soon. I will definitely try this technique.

    Keep up the good work. You are doing an awesome job here at Embolden 🙂

    Mohit Gagnrade

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