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Facebook Ads Advanced: Proper Method To Choosing Target Audience For Your Ad

The potential to get great, high quality traffic to your website and Facebook fan page through Facebook’s ads is tremendous. However, most people who run Facebook ads see a hit or miss in the quality and engagement of their traffic. Most often, many Facebook marketers run expensive CPC ads. On top of that, after their ad finishes or they reach their budget, the Likes and traffic they get doesn’t convert at all or is low quality.

You might notice a lot of the Likes you get come from members who seem to Like everything on Facebook and have really strange profiles.

You probably create Facebook ads like everyone else.

You go into the ad manager, create a new ad, and start narrowing down your reach with the interests and location.

What happens when you choose an audience for your ads this way, is you include Facebook users in your reach who own very spammy accounts, aren’t really active users or are not actually interested in your niche. Besides, while Facebook allows a lot of options to choose from when choosing your audience, wouldn’t it be great to actually show your ad only to members who are passionate about your niche or industry?

That is what Social Lead Freak allows me to do.

Social Lead Freak allows me to extract the most recently active and rabid fans from any Facebook group, page or event.

Why is this great?

Well, for example, let’s pretend I have a website in which I sell dog food.

I can run on ad on Facebook to users who in their interests include pets and dogs, and run an ad to all those members. Spammy members, members who just have that in their interests for the hell of it, and barely active members will see that ad.

Or, I could find a popular Facebook fan page, like “Dog Lovers”, with almost a half a million fans, and use Social Lead Freak to extract the members that have been the most active on that page in the past 3 months, leaving comments and Liking posts. If those members have been active on that page, it’s likely they own a dog and it’s likely they would buy dog food.

Here’s a better example. If I created an information product, like a book or course that I think fans of Tony Robbins would really love, I could extract the most active members in the past few months from Tony’s Facebook fan page and run an ad to them that says something like “Fan of Tony Robbins?” or “Like Tony Robbins?”. Just imagine the kind of engagement you are likely to receive from these members, especially since it’s very likely they just left a comment of Liked a Tony Robbins post not too long ago. It coincides and is congruent to what they do on Facebook, thus, your ad will get more and better quality engagement.

What does this ultimately mean? A very low CPC. First, the size of the audience for your ad will be very small, since it’s only fans from a Page. Next, since they’re likely very interested in the ad, you can get away with paying for impressions and get a lot of cheap clicks.

To run an ad like this with Social Lead Freak, all you need to do is extract the members into a file, using the software, and create a Custom Audience with your Facebook ad. It will ask you to upload a .CSV file, which is the file that SLF just generated for you.


After you upload it, it might take a few minutes depending on the size of the audience, for Facebook to go through it and have the audience ready for you to use and advertise to.

It’s really that simple. To watch me go into it in detail and actually do it, watch the video above. Social Lead Freak is really my favorite social media marketing software I’ve ever used and I’ve been using it for a while to create effective Facebook ads for myself and my clients.

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