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AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk Book Review [And Giveaway!]

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[Giveaway!] AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk Book Review

Gary Vaynerchuk has long been a huge inspiration and mentor of mine ever since I first read his first book, Crush It!, years ago while in university. Crush It! was one of the books, in the culmination of many business books I read at that time, that led me to quit my high-paying engineering job and drop out of university to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Since then, I’ve followed Gary’s work closely. His drive, hustle, ambition and enthusiasm made it easy for me to become a huge fan of his. Eventually, when he launched his YouTube show and podcast Ask Gary Vee, I became an even bigger fan.

Ask Gary Vee was an opportunity for Gary to speak his mind and answer questions from fans covering everything from business to marketing to football.

At this point, I was hooked. Not only did I get my Gary Vee fix, but I also got a lot of insight about business and motivation to keep doing my thing. I even got one of my lousy questions answered on the show.


Having read Gary’s first 3 books and having learned a lot from all of them, I was excited when Gary announced his 4th business book, #AskGaryVee. This book would take his best questions from the show, and new questions from fans, and answer them in a well-thoughtout long-form style.

Gary, being the smart marketer that he was, promised to barter with fans who would preorder large amounts of his upcoming book.

So, me being a huge fan, asked Gary if he would meet with me for 10 minutes at Traffic and Conversion Summit (an upcoming conference at the time that he planned to speak at) in exchange for pre-ordering 25 copies of his upcoming book.

He agreed.


He exceeded my expectations, too. Super nice and super helpful guy.

When I finally got the books and sat down to read it (and listened to the audiobook), I was extremely pleased with what I read. A lot of what I read, I was already familiar with, being such a big fan of his that I heard many of his answers before. However, one of the more interesting things about the book is that Gary is able to dive much deeper into some of the concepts he briefly talks about on his show.

He even changes his mind on some of his previous answers.

The biggest takeaways for me were the chapters on “hustle” and “content and context”. A lot of Gary’s answers to some of the questions really resonated with me, and not only made me question some of what I am doing in a good way, but also inspired me and motivated me to do more. It’s a really thought provoking book.

But on top of that, it’s an entertaining book, especially the audiobook. If you’re unfamiliar with Gary and his style, I’ll let you experience it yourself without surprising it.

Let’s just say he’s not a conventional thinker and loves to go against the grain. This isn’t a rehash.

When Gary says he doesn’t “consume anyone else’s stuff”, I believe it. His answers to commons questions a lot of marketers and gurus get are extremely unique. Some I disagree with, others I had to change my opinion on because of how strong of a point Gary makes.

Ultimately, the book is a keeper in any entrepreneur’s or wantrepreneur’s collection.


Best part? I’m giving away 3 copies to 3 different people.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post or on the YouTube video with how you found me or how Gary has helped you. What’s your story with me or what’s your story with Gary? I want to read about it!

I will then choose 3 random winners on Thursday, March 24th at around 12pm ET.

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  • After signing up with numerous freelance sites and never getting a single order, I signed up for a Udemy class with Cory on Fiverr Success. I followed all the suggestions and a few months later became a Level 2 seller. I make a steady income now. I went on to buy his ebook and second course. Now I follow his blog and I’m starting affiliate marketing sites.

  • Matt Ng

    I believe i found you when i search of youtube can you make money with udemy

  • Jordan JL Wright

    Great Review! I love Gary’s no nonsense way of communicating I first saw his vids on youtube… but you and I have been connected on FB for quite some time… (if im not mistaken!) I’ve been enjoying watching your growth thank you for all the value you offer! I’m soon to have a baby so I’m def going to have some down time to put info to good use before I hop back on the scene to absolutely crush it! See you at the top!

  • Angel Borrego

    Hi Corey, I found you because I wanted to know how to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr following your advices so I watched your course for beginners on Udemy and I’m also reading your ebooks Fiverr Success and Fiverr Middleman and your blog which are very useful for me. I would like to be as successful as you are and thanks for sharing your knowledge and tips. Greetings from Venezuela!! Bye…

  • Project Director

    I first found you (Corey) while researching Fiverr. I came across a few of your videos, and you answered many questions, and a few I wouldn’t think to ask. What stuck with me most is something you said in a recent hangout. You said something to the effect of asking a lot from people requires a lot of giving back. Sound idea. I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks, Corey!

  • Hi Corey! I really don’t remember how I’ve got you into my email but your progress really inspired me to work harder to try new things and to thrive like you did as a freelancer on Your progress is really amazing and thanks to you and your work I am working now on a Fiverr Academy in Romania, looking for helping as many people as I can to follow their passion and dreams, to quit that horror job and start working for themselves.

    5 years ago I was working from 7am to 3pm on a job that I hated. I used to wake up at 4:00 am for 3 years, in order to catch a train at 5:00 that would take me to the city I was working, 25 miles away from home. Just to go to work and get back home took me 5-6 hours per day!

    My first wage was around $120 for one month of work, one month of waking up at 4am. I remember drinking cheap 25 cents coffee, outside a shop every morning, spending some time until 7am when I started working. I used to dream of the life that I would love to live, as I was watching the sun cracking the horison.

    I didn’t thought that I will ever get out of that rat trap since I found you and other amazing guys, like Gary which inspired me to follow my dream and work hard for what I want.

    I am seeing you living your dream each day with lots of energy and passion. That is really inspiring.

    I believe that everybody needs to get a mentor. You and Gary are two of my mentors. I love you guys! I love the work you do, the value that you add to the world, the energy, the originality.

    Today I wake up at 5am to live my dream, to inspire and help others live their dream. I would have never here been without you guys, without your example.

    I would love to read Gary’s book and I hope that all of you guys got a little inspiration from my short story. Thank you very much for all the work you do, Corey! Love you guys!

    • Amazing Adrian, thanks so much for sharing that. That really means a lot to me! This is why I do what I do!

  • Tuan Nguyen

    I found you through a search for help with wordpress and have loved your style since. I’m a previous philanthropist who lucked out on an internet directory project in the late 90s that led to millions of dollars that I donated all to charity. But every years, my life fell apart as my marriage fell apart and now that i’ve risen from a great big fall, I’ve been able to launch a successful business advisory practice with larger health organizations while being super involved in my son’s life. And without realizing it, fellow fatherpreneurs expressed how I inspired them to work towards a successful business without sacrificing time with family. And since I started following you, I feel I’m more prepared to share my lessons with fatherpreneurs around the world who value family as a top priority but also want to figure out that deadly challenge of growing a business without sucking up all their time.

    • Awesome Tuan 🙂 Thanks man, glad to see you making a comeback!

      • Tuan Nguyen

        Thanks bro. You literally give the best advice out there. Totally no BS. Straight-shooter. Thanks again dude.

    • Hey Tuan, that’s inspirational bro. It’s an extreme rarity for people to donate a lot of money let alone millions of dollars to charity.
      You sound extremely humble and I am cheering for your rise back to the top.
      Being a fatherpreneur is definitely hard. I feel you on that. The hardest part is balancing your time and knowing when to spend time with family and when to continue to grind.

  • Mark MacLean

    I first found you when I was looking for a non-“KDP select” book launch strategy (as almost all launch advice I could find recommended giving away my book instead of selling it). I them noticed you were in Toronto! (I’m in Markham), and I’ve recieced plenty of other great advice since!

    • Awesome Mark!

      • Mark MacLean

        And here’s my chance to give back: While I appreciate the individual reply, if everything is “awesome”, then either you are awe-inspired way too easily (LOL), or you’re probably overusing it rendering it almost meaningless to those on the receiving end. I think it’s fantastic and commendable (not to mention probably quite time consuming) to respond to everyone’s individual post (on all of your platforms), however, if you’re committed to doing it, there may some room for improvement. I suggest giving your thesaurus workout and exploring other adjectives, and/or responding to the content of people’s messages to give them a little more of the personal touch. 🙂

        In the meantime, keep up the great work and stay awesome!! 😉

        • I get it Mark. My responses are more just to let people know I read their comment and I acknowledge them, than anything. 🙂

  • Dexter Dreamer

    I bought Gary’s course on Udemy and i am a fan since then!! I watch all his videos on Youtube!! I like his passion! He motivates me to be passionate so i think its all i need from him!! You are lucky that you have met him in person! Thanks Corey, you are my daily habit. :)))))

  • Cedric Patton

    Hello Mr. Corey. I found you first on Youtube by your “4 books laptop entrepreneurs” video, but what really captured me is your website. My problem is that it’s really difficult for me to grasp the concept of the whole laptop entrepreneur concepts, but i REALLY don’t wanna work a full time job with people yelling in my face all day.

  • suresh

    suresh is here from pakistan, I found you on your fiverr success website and keep following almost every platform where you are.

  • Daren Jay

    Corey I’ve stumbled across your profile and your blog’s great! I’m based in Sydney, Australia and I’ve been following Gary Vee for over a year. He inspired me to turn my side hustle into an Enterprise SaaS company! I look forward to following your profile mate… DJ

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