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15 Tools Every Laptop Entrepreneur Should Have!

Here’s a terrific infographic suggesting the most useful tools every entrepreneur – or better yet, every laptop entrepreneur needs to be using. 

1. Oh, Don’t Forget

2. Google Docs

3. Google Apps

4. TeuxDeux

5. 1Password


7. ContactMe

8. FreshBooks

9. ShoeBoxed

10. Mint

11. Grasshopper

12. Expensify

13. Evernote

14. FiftyThree

15. MailChimp

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  • So far I have really enjoyed using mail chimp. I’m not sure if others would enjoy it as much as me but ti’s so easy to use and to send a new campaign. The tracking stats are awesome and I love the auto responder part as it helps me up sell my Blog Engage services.

  • I got almost every tools mentioned and now I have other tools to download to my computer. Thanks for the infographics.

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